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What is Yamaha’s bLU cRU?

What is Yamaha’s bLU cRU?

bLU cRU is a customer support programme designed for the YZ/WR customer range. Apart from Yamaha having an existing customer support programme, bLU cRU is tailored to serve the specific needs of the motocross, enduro and off-road segments. Bearing in mind the Yamaha KANDO ethos, bLU cRU is committed to embracing that which inspires the heart, spirit and deeply satisfies the soul. 

Setting the programme apart, is the free nationwide membership bLU cRU provides for all Yamaha YZ, WR and FX customers.


All bLU cRU members are allowed to feel like factory racers by reaping the real benefits of the programme, especially during race days and workshop visits


These benefits include:

  • A virtual membership card
  • A custom-designed bLU cRU Yamaha t-shirt, hoodie and decals
  • Yamalube care pack
  • Discount on spare parts
  • Preferential showroom and workshop support
  • Support at certain motorcycle related events

Visit your nearest Yamaha dealership to view our wide range of YZ and WR motorbikes.


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